Fontana Unified School District - School Naming Advisory Committee

  • School Naming Advisory Committee

    The school district is currently building and designing a large number of new schools, which will be opening within the next 2 to 7 years. During the planning stages, new schools are identified by number and then given an official name at an appropriate time. Many of the elementary and middle schools in the Fontana Unified School District have been named by a historic practice of using names of adjacent streets; however, in some cases it is not possible to use street names for schools either because the street name has already been used or because it would not be an appropriate school name. In some cases, schools have been named in honor of persons who have contributed greatly to the Fontana community and/or the nation as a whole.

    In 2004, the FUSD Board of Education adopted a policy to guide the district in naming schools and other facilities. This policy includes the formation of an advisory committee to recommend school names for upcoming projects based on past practice of using street names, as well as consideration of requests from members of the community, staff and elected officials of the Fontana Unified School District, to name schools in honor of specific persons. The policy outlines the make-up of the committee membership, which includes one representative from PTA, Fontana Teachers Association, United Steelworkers of America, Fontana Management Association, and Fontana Organization of Retired School Employees, as well as two members representing the community at large.