• Immunization Requirements

    For the protection of all students attending schools within the Fontana Unified School District, it is important that all immunization requirements as listed in the “Guide to Immunizations Required for School Entry Grades K-12” are met before a child begins school. These guidelines have been established by the California Department of Health Services and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For more information regarding these and other recommended immunizations, contact Comprehensive Health Services at (909) 357-5000, ext. 29383 or visit the websites for the California Department of Health Services or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Remember, immunizations prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

    Students are required to have the following immunizations before they can attend school.

    Baby Shots:

    2 Months Polio Hep B DTP HIB
    4 Months Polio Help B DTP HIB
    6 Months Hep B TDP HIB  
    12 Months Polio MMR VAR HIB
    15 Months DTP      

    Child Care or Preschool

    TK/Kindergarten-12th Grade

    Immunization record must be presented as proof of immunization prior to admission. Acceptable records may include:

    • Original/copy of blue CSIR Card (California State Immunization Record) signed by school staff
    • CAIR Printout
    • Records from physician/clinic
    • Original/copy Yellow California Immunization Record
    • Out-of-State official school record

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