• Dear Parents:


    In order to insure the safety of the students in the Fontana Unified School District, a policy of giving medication to students is required.  Any student, who needs medication for a chronic disorder, may receive it at school if the following procedure is followed.


    1. A physician must complete the form requesting medication be given during school hours.


    1. The parent must sign a form requesting that medication be given at the school.


    1. The medication must be brought to school by an adult each month. (Only one month’s supply will be kept at school.)


    1. The medication must be in a prescription container properly labeled by the pharmacist, matching the Medical Provider’s order.



    Medication needed for acute conditions such as ear infections, sore throats, coughs, etc., will no longer be given at school by school personnel unless the required forms are on file.  A parent may come to school during the day to give their child medication.  However, in most cases arrangements can be made with the doctor to give the required medications outside of school hours.  Please do not send Tylenol, aspirin, cough medicine or other non-prescription medication to school with your child.  Children MAY NOT at any time carry any medication onto school grounds.


    Medication is necessary to treat illness, but it can also be deadly if not properly handled.  In order to eliminate any possibility of error, the School Board Policy regarding medication will be strictly followed.  If it causes an inconvenience to you, remember your child’s safety and wellbeing is our concern.