• Stage 2 - Essential Services +


    Under Stage 2, we would limit the number of people entering our school campuses to only teachers and staff, with minimal students (by appointment only) as the risk of COVID-19 exposure is still high. Teachers and staff would be allowed on campus with social distancing and safety protocols in place. Students and parents would be allowed on campus as needed, and by appointment only.  The school sites would be closed to the general public.  All students would continue learning from home via Distance Learning or Virtual Learning programs. 

    FUSD Learning Program Options for Stage 2

    • Flexible Learning Program Option - 100% Distance Learning
    • Virtual Learning Program Option - 100% Online Learning




    During this stage in the Flexible Learning Program, teaching will continue to be conducted through the Distance Learning model.  Teachers will connect with students online, using tools such as Microsoft Teams, to help students learn and complete their studies. 

    Students will be responsible for participating in synchronous group classes as well as complete work on their own through asynchronous studies. They will be expected to complete and turn in all assignments for grading. Teachers will offer daily 'Student Support Hours', a time where they would be available to answer student and parent questions. In person, one-on-one meetings with teachers will also be scheduled as needed.    





  • Preschool
  • TK
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Special Education
  • Questions about the Hybrid Learning Model:

    Please contact us at coronavirus@fusd.net or call us at 909-357-5000 ext. 29092 (Pre-school), ext. 29249 (Elementary), ext. 29572 (Middle & High School)

    (GRADES: K-12*)


    This is a new Virtual Learning Program being offered to our Kindergarten through 12th grade students which provides them with a self-paced, virtual learning environment where independent learners can thrive.  Each student will have access to a highly trained teaching staff that will help guide them through their studies.  Parents will be provided training to help them take an active roll in their student’s schoolwork. 

    Students who participate in this online program would be able to participate in electives activities such as band or school sports (once those activities resume). Utilizing this virtual learning program, students will also have the opportunity for credit recovery, or take accelerated classes to get ahead. 

    Students enrolled in this program who did not receive a laptop through our 1 to 1 program may receive a laptop loan as well as Wi-Fi support as needed.


    *Due to the nature of programs such as Dual Language Immersion and International Baccalaureate, these programs are currently not supported by Virtural Learning Program. 


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  • Questions about Fontana Virtual Learning Program:

    Please contact us at VirtualLearning@fusd.net or call 909-357-5000 ext. 29577

  • Students will automatically be registered into

    our Flexible Learning Program - 100% Online Distance Learning

    No further action is needed for this option.


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