Student loading Drumbit onto laptop
  • There is so much more music in the world than what we hear in our homes and community!  General Music class introduces elementary students to music from diverse cultures, genres, and other periods in history.  Students will learn about the amazing people who created this music and why.   They will explore how music was made then and how it is made today.


    All students in grades 4 & 5 have access to live and on-demand instruction with three powerful tools.  Music teachers guide students through live sessions in Teams to use Music Studio, learning to manipulate the interactive songs online, learning to sing and play these songs with virtual instruments. 


    Students use a generic log-in for Noteflight Learn, discovering  how music is composed for classical concerts and soundtracks in movies.  


    Students become the DJ as they make their own "beats" with Drumbit, an online rhythm generator.


    Soon we will have the ability to use a new tool, our upcoming curriculum will be linked to Quaver, a standards-based music curriculum that is approved by the State of California.