How does 'Leader In Me' develop leaders?

Leader in Me Framework

  • The 7 Habits provide a great framework in developing self-management in a school environment. Students are able to do the following:

    • Develop responsibility for their actions, emotions, attitudes, choices, and behaviors.
    • Understand and apply the concept 'Choose Your Own Weather' (choose your feelings, and responses.)
    • Stop and think before acting.
    • Identify the difference between Proactive vs. Reactive Language-and use Proactive Language.
    • Focus thinking and behaviors on things they can control vs. things they can’t control (Circles of :Control/No Control).
    • Become a Transition Person—take negative things that happen, and turn them into something positive; and help build others by being a positive example.

    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® is the cornerstone of Leader in Me implementation and establishes the fundamental paradigms and principles that are critical to improving students, staff, and schoolwide culture. However, the first step on this journey begins with you modeling the 7 Habits in your own life. Are you ready?

Culture-Academics-Leadership Diagram

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The 4 Discipline of Leader in Me