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  • Skills USA Competition Results:

    In 2020, we had an astonishing 28 students medal and 53 students qualify for the State Competition!

    SkyHawks competed in the following categories: Advertising Design, Automotive Service Technology, CNC Milling Specialist, CNC Technician, Computer Programing, Business/Customer Service, Cyber Security, Entrepreneurship/Shark Tank, Information Technology Service, Interactive Application and Video Game Development, Internetworking, Introductory Advertising Design, Job Interview, Mechatronics, Photography, Pin Design, Robotics Search & Rescue, Television Video Production, T-shirt Design, Web Design, Additive/Manufacturing, 3D Printing.


    Congrats SkyHawks!!!


    Advertising Design

    Katarina Munoz                                   Silver                                                    

    Savannah Rodriguez                           5th Top five                                         

    Automotive Service Technology

    Zachariah St. George                 6th place (top 10)                                                                

    CNC Milling Specialist

    Jazmin Gonzales                          9th (top 10)                                                 

    CNC Technician

    Kevin Hernandez                             Gold                                                   

    Computer Programming

    Katelyn Rendon                               8th (top 10)                                       

    Vincent Jackson                               9th (top 10)                                       

    Business/Customer Service

    Jordyn McClellan                             Gold                                                   

    Ashton West                                    Silver                                                 

    Cyber Security

    Shahn Qazi                                        Gold                                                   

    Gabriel Navarro Terrazas              Gold                                                   

    Veronica Salis                                   Silver                                                 

    Vanessa Rashid                                Silver                                                 

    Christian Magana                            4th                                                      

    Jaylon Ignacio                                  4th                                                      

    Jessica Ortega                                  5th                                                      

    Jazlyn Vargas                                    5th                                                      

    Candace Vazquez                            7th                                                      

    Elvis Benitez                                     7th                                                      

    Entrepreneurship/Shark Tank

    Syed Naqvi                                        Bronze                                                                  

    Yasmine Abu Awad                         Bronze                                              

    Mohamed Awad                              Bronze                                              

    Jessica Gonzalez                              Bronze                                              

    Joseph Perez                                    4th                                                      

    Diana Sanchez Hernandez             4th                                                      

    Destiny Rivas                                    4th                                                      

    Francisco Bautista                           4th                                                      

    Information Technology Service

    Ryan Lopez                                       Gold                                                   

    Marcos Herrera                               Silver                                                 

    Dylan Newman                                4th                                                      

    Interactive Application and Video Game Development

    Marco Vallejo                                   Silver                                                 

    Juan Raya                                          Silver                                                 

    Andrew Vollmer                              4th                                                      

    Kyle Umana                                      4th                                                      

    Vincent Caudillo                              7th                                                      

    Geric Norman                                  7th                                                      

    Nathan Lopez                                   9th                                                      

    Alex Balsach                                     9th                                                      


    Bryan Nnadi                                      Gold                                                  

    Leah Trinh                                         4th                                                      

    Batresia Henein                               5th                                                      

    Devean Purba                                   7th                                                      

    Introductory Advertising Design

    Jazmin Navarro                               Silver                                                 

    Sophia Sanchez Martinez              5th                                                      

    Ashley Oden                                     6th                                                      

    William Marumoto                         7th                                                      

    Miko Miranda                                  8th                                                      

    Job Interview

    Isaiah Coleman                                6th                                                      

    Three additional summit students in the top 20


    Terrace Manley                               6th                                                      

    Dashon Crump                                 6th                                                      


    Ean Miller                                          Silver                                                

    Daniel Brenes                                   8th                                                      

    Pin Design

    Giovanny Egoavil                            9th                                                      

    Jalin Dotson                                      12th                                                  

    Robotics Search and Rescue

    John Moreno                                    Bronze                                              

    Jehad Abdallah                                 Bronze                                              

    Harsh Patel                                       7th                                                      

    Elijah Walker                                    7th                                                      

    Television Video Production

    Dalila Aguilar                                    Gold                                                   

    Anthony Arciga                                Gold                                                   

    T-Shirt Design

    Isabelle Valmores                            Bronze                                              

    Kevin Moya                                      8th                                                      

    Web Design

    Ashley Espino                                   Gold                                                  

    Alicia Sepulveda                               Gold                                                   

    Tommy Lin                                        6th                                                      

    Sheng Kang                                       6th                                                      

    Additive/Manufacturing and 3 D Printing  

    Evelyn Huerta                                  Gold                                                  

     Jonathan Batch                               Gold