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  • The answer lies in the evidence. For every crime, there is a story. Who is the victim? Who is the suspect? What was the motive? Part of the Public Safety industry sector, the Cyber Forensics pathway begins with an introduction to scientific inquiry and the process of forensic investigation of electronic sources, including the world wide web. This inquiry will then be applied to the analysis of cybercrime scenes as students learn to analyze physical and chemical evidence, including: microscopy, chromatology, and the analysis of fingerprints, hair, fiber, glass, and documents. Students will ultimately learn how to use their analytical skills to create conclusions for crimes through the study of firearms, toxicology, entomology, anthropology, blood (serology), and DNA analysis.


    This pathway’s hands-on curriculum provides students with the skills necessary to _______________________________.


    Course Sequence:

    Cyber Forensics 1, Cyber Forensics 2


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