Follow these steps to take a class with Chaffey College offered through HSP:


      STEP 1: Apply to Open CCC and register as a high school student for Chaffey CollegeClick here to apply now.

      • Within 72 hours students will receive an email from Chaffey College with your Chaffey College student ID number.
      • Students who have previously applied to be a Chaffey College student and already have a Chaffey College student ID number do not need to repeat this step. This step is ONLY for NEW students to Chaffey College. 

    STEP 2:  Dual Enrollment Orientation 

    STEP 3:  After students receive their Chaffey College student ID number, they will need to complete the online DualEnrollment Agreement HSP SPRING 2023 FORMSTACK  for the classes you would like to take.  

    • Chaffey Dual Enrollment High School Program 

      Want to learn about the benefits of participating in the High School Dual Enrollment Program? Check out this short video on the details, click the link here to access.  VIDEO: Chaffey Dual Enroll HSP v. Non-HSP

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