INTRA and INTER District Transfer Information

  • The Fontana Unified School District (FUSD) is committed to providing a quality education for all District students. All INTRA-District (for within FUSD) transfer requests and INTER-District (for outside of FUSD) transfer or release requests will be approved or denied based on enrollment capacity, in accordance with the law, Board policy, and administrative regulation. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information. Additional questions not answered below can be sent to

    Fontana Unified School District


  • 1. What is an INTRA-District Transfer?

  • 2. How Do I Apply for an INTRA-District Transfer?

  • 3. What is an INTER-District Transfer? (TO ATTEND FUSD)

  • 4. What is an INTER-District Transfer Release?

  • 5. How do I fill out an INTER-District Transfer Release form?

  • 6. What if an INTER-District Transfer or Release is denied by FUSD?

  • 7. What if the INTER-District Transfer is denied by my district of residence, not by FUSD?

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