Virtual Learning Opportunity - 2020
Virtual Summer Learning Opportunity - FAQ

Virtual Summer Learning Opportunity – FAQ


  1. What students are eligible to participate?
  • All current 6th grade students and all current 7th grade students.
  1. Will there be an opportunity for current 8th grade students?
  • 8th grade students will have an opportunity to participate in a summer program through the HS they will attend next year. Look out for information from HS.
  1. Will students be able to go to campus?
  • No, this summer learning opportunity will be all virtual.
  1. Do I need to register my student?
  • Yes, students need to be registered to participate in the Summer Learning Opportunity. Please register using the link or QR code on the flyer.
  1. Is there a deadline to register?
  • Yes, please register by April 13.
  1. What are the dates?
  • June 7 – June 24 (Monday – Thursday)
  1. When will students receive enrichment activities?
  • Every Monday.
  1. When will students receive Math & ELA assignments?
  • Tuesday – Thursday
  1. When will students receive support for Math & ELA assignments?
  • Through office hours via Teams there will be a morning session and afternoon session. More details about the times will be sent out after students have registered.
  1. When will students have to complete the work?
  • All assignments will be asynchronous. Students can complete their work at any time of the day.
  1. What if my student misses a couple of days can they still participate?
  • Yes, they can still participate.
  1. Will my student be able to keep their hotspot for this program?
  2. Will my student be able to keep their laptop for this program?
  3. Still have questions, contact Julie.
  • Julie Lopez:


Phone: (909) 357-7600 ext. 29166