One-to-One Student Laptop Information

  • Check out the district's webpage that has information about student laptops and other technology support resources here.


    Laptop Distribution Agreement Form - English

    Laptop Distribution Agreement Form - Spanish


    Laptop Troubleshooting

    Please be sure to follow these daily tips to ensure that your laptops work properly.

    • Restart your laptop at least 2 times a day (this is not the same as shutting it down)
    • Shut down your laptop at the end of each school day
    • If you continue to experience problems with one or two programs try signing in under "other" at the logon screen
    • Make sure your Teams is updated to the 64 bit version which can be done through ClassLink
    • If you are having issues with the Teams application try signing out of Teams and signing back in
    • All students must complete the Student Acceptable Use Agreement (SAUA) each year (this applies only to the beginning of a new school year and newly enrolled students) 

    If you continue to experience issues with a program or have connectivity problems, you can contact the help desk at the district office to provide you with further technical support from what is recommended above or on the district's laptop troubleshooting page. The Help Desk number is 909-357-7630.


    *When exchanging/checking out technology before school, during lunch, or after school, students need to arrive no later than 15 minutes before the library closes. During lunch, students must come at least 15 minutes before their lunch period ends. 



    Laptop Exchange Process?

    The student is issued another working laptop. Students will not receive the laptop back that they exchange therefore it is extremely important that students save their documents and files in their OneDrive. This will allow them to have access to those items on the new computer they check out. FUSD Tech Depot troubleshoots the laptop. If the laptop is repaired under warranty, no fee will be assessed to student. If the repair is not covered under warranty, then the student will be charged a fee of $50 per incident. Includes but not limited to: Broken screen, missing keys, liquid damage, graffiti removal (including unauthorized stickers). Laptop accessories which are damaged or not returned will be charged the following:

    • Laptop- Full replacement varies by model (see the school librarians)
    • Chargers- $35
    • Laptop bag- $10
    • Stylus- $0
    • Earbuds- $0


    Students will be assessed a $50 fine for the first laptop that is lost.  If a second laptop is lost, then student will be charged the full replacement cost.


    A police report is required when reporting a stolen laptop for fines to be waived.


    Visit the Technology Support Resources / Lost, Damage, and/or Theft (  for more information