• Please be respectful of the library. We welcome everyone and expect ALL Ruble Wildcats to follow school rules while visiting the library during and after school.  

      Take pride with every stride!

      As a reminder food and drinks ARE NOT allowed in the library.

  • School Books & Laptop Check Out


    • Students must present a school ID to check out any school library material.
    • Each library item is barcoded and checked out to students individually. Students are responsible for returning the exact barcoded items at the end the school year with the exception of laptops. 



  • Library Fees

    If a student received a library notice informing them that they owe money for library material, students must pay the principal's secretary AND bring the receipt to the library to show the school librarian. Click here to view the Fontana Unified School District fee schedule.

    *Student fees are not cleared until the school librarian clear it in Destiny*

    *Student's are responsible to check with the Ruble MS librarian or their textbook account in Desitny Discover to make sure their record has cleared for library fees owed*

  •   Computer Usage in the Library


    • Only one person at a time can use the desktop computer unless permission is given by the library staff.
    • All students must read and sign the Student Acceptable Use Policy (SAUA) before using school computers.
    • Students are responsible to bring their own laptop chargers to charger their laptop in the library