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    Hello Families!  We will be hosting BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT online using Microsoft Teams on Thursday August 19th.   You can login by using your child's laptop or you may join the session as a guest.  Feel free to use your phone and download the Microsoft Teams app.



    All Teachers will have two sessions:  One at 5:00pm and another at 5:30pm with the exception of K-3 STEAM.  Each session will be the same information.  If you have multiple children, you can choose either session.  Each session will be recorded and posted below.  Click on the links below on Thursday August 19th to join each teachers session.  




     5:00pm & 5:30pm  

    4th  |  Mrs. Scates  Meeting Link

    4th  |  Mrs. Ness  Meeting Link

    5th  |  Mrs. Garland  Meeting Link

    5th  |  Mrs. Topliff  Meeting Link

    6th  |  Mrs. Wheeler  Meeting Link

    6th  |  Mr. Delgado  Meeting Link