Vision and Mission

  • Preparing students with skills for success in college, career, and life.


    Eric Birch High School will provide a supportive alternative learning environment where every student can reach their full academic potential for college, career, and life by engaging in meaningful instruction, social emotional learning, and career skills development.

Welcome Message from Mr. Bunten

  • Welcome to Eric Birch High School!

    At Eric Birch High School our vision is to prepare every student for College, Career, and Life. We are committed to serving all our students through an alternative digital learning environment that supports their academic and social emotional needs. The staff is committed to excellence in teaching and learning by providing students a personalized learning pathway that supports each student to have academic success. We also provide students with a safe physical and digital learning environment.

    Eric Birch High School provides all students with an individualized grad plan that outlines their pathway to graduate at either High School or transfer back to their home school. Eric Birch High School offers a variety of instructional programs and social emotional support systems designed to meet the needs of all students. Following an alternative education model, students are given an opportunity to earn credits at an accelerated pace and meet their graduation requirements. Eric Birch High School has a variety of elective courses and work-based learning opportunities that will prepare students for College, Career, and Life.

    Mike Bunten, Principal
    Eric Birch High School