Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Trice

Mrs. Bethel Trice is a graduate of Fontana High School and Fontana is her home town.  She came to Eric Birch after spending 4 years at our other continuation High School (Citrus High) and 3 years at Fontana High School.  She is our P.E. teacher with a  Masters Degree in Education with inference in Kinesiology.  She is part of our Wellness program on campus, put together by our school district. Mrs. Trice’s claim to fame is that she is in two Hall of Fames for playing basketball- Riverside Community College & The State of California Community Colleges. Mrs. Trice said, “It is a great honor to call Fontana my home and to give credit of my success to the many teachers who planted a seed of faith in me, that one day, I would be able to contribute positively to my community.” She looks forward to planting those same types of seeds of faith into her students' lives.