• The Fontana Unified School District Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)/Special Services department is committed to supporting students to meet or exceed their goals. We are a team of professional educators, whether our role is in general education, special education or administration, we believe it is our collective responsibility to support students with disabilities and their families. Families play an essential role in their student’s educational progress, we strive to foster positive, compassionate, and collaborative relationships with our families.

    The SELPA/Special Services department provides families with trainings and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services to enhance their understanding of the Individual Education Program (IEP) process. Our ADR service providers are neutral facilitators who support families in the event they need to seek confidential advice regarding the IEP process or to request IEP meeting facilitation.

  • Alejandro Gonzalez, Executive Director
  • Justin Silva, Assistant Director

  • Department Contacts:

    SELPA/Special Services (909) 357-5000 Ext 29374

       Alejandro Gonzalez, Executive Director   (909) 357-5000, Ext 29374
      Veronica Gonzalez, Senior Secretary II (909) 357-5000, Ext 29374
      Justin Silva, Assistant Director  (909) 357-5000, Ext 29373
      Rosanna Paniagua, Senior Secretary I (909) 357-5000, Ext 29373
      Vacant, Coordinator-Elementary (909) 357-5000, Ext 29375
      Janie Williams, Coordinator- Elementary/Early Childhood (909) 357-5000, Ext 29266
      Ericka Ross, Coordinator-Middle Schools (909) 357-5000, Ext 29376
      Stephanie Lowery, Coordinator- High Schools/Adult Transition  (909) 357-5000, Ext 29376