• Athletic Participation

    Major Rules for Athletic Participation:

    • In order to compete, students must have passed four (4) or more classes of new work during the previous grading period.
    • No student may compete who has reached his nineteenth (19) birthday prior to the first day of September of the school year he/she wishes to compete.
    • Students must have passed a physical examination.
    • Students must have accident insurance coverage (State Law).
    • Students must adhere to all other rules established by the Fontana Unified School District, Kaiser High School, and C.I.F.

    Varsity Letters:

    Students who qualify will be allowed to wear Kaiser High School-approved letterman jackets.  A committee of parents, students, and staff determine the standards and requirements for this traditional symbol of athletic, extra-curricular, and academic achievement.  Strict adherence to the letterman’s jacket requirements must be followed.  You can get a copy of the requirements from the Athletic Director or Activities Director.  Be sure to read these carefully before you buy a jacket to display the Kaiser “K”.

    ASB Suspensions:

    Students who wish to participate in ASB-sponsored activities must be clear of all charges or be placed on an approved payment plan.  Students can go to the ASB Bookkeeper’s office in A-127 during lunch or after school to make payments.  Students will be excluded and prohibited from attending many activities if fees and/or fines are not taken care of in a timely manner.