• Drill & Color Guard travels to Yuma, Arizona for the Kofa Drill Meet 2023 

    1st Place Armed Regulation Drill

    2nd Place Armed Exhibition Drill

    2nd Place Color Guard Varsity

    2nd Place Color Guard JV

    Kofa Drill Meet 2023

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  • Inaugural Steelerman Raider Challenge 2023

    Steelerman Raider 2023

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  • FOHI Marksmanship Team finished 10th at MCJROTC Nationals in Alabama.  

    Marksmanship Team

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  • The Drill Teams takes 2nd Place and Color Guard finishes 3rd Place at Ramona Drill Meet 2023

    2nd Place - Armed Regulation and Exhibition Drill

    3rd Place - Color Guard Varsity

    Drill Team 2023 Ramona

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  • 2023 Coachella Valley Drill Meet and Physical Fitness Challenge 


    2nd Place Armed Exhibition Drill Team

    4th Place Armed Regulation Drill Team

    5th Place Armed Inspection Drill Team


    1st Place Female Most Situps in the Physical Fitness Test - Juliet Lopez


    DHS 2023CG Tm ACG Tm AaCG ACG BArmed InspectionArmed RegulationArmed Exhibition


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  • FOHI takes First at the 2023 Major Bill Barker All Services Air Rifle Championship.


    1st Place Overall Team


    1st Place Overall Individual – Yaira Castro-Cruz

    3rd Place Overall Individual – Stephanie Mendoza

    7th Place Overall Individual – Alma Negrete


    1st Place Individual Standing – Yaira Castro-Cruz

    1st Place Individual Kneeling – Yaira Castro-Cruz

    2nd Place Individual Kneeling – Stephanie Mendoza

    3rd Place Individual Prone – Alma Negrete

    3rd Place Individual Kneeling – Abigail Durrett

    5th Place Individual Prone – Abigail Durrett

    6th Place Individual Prone – Stephanie Mendoza

    7th Place Individual Kneeling – Alma Negrete

    7th Place Individual Prone – Yaira Castro-Cruz


    Bill Barker 20232023 Bill Barker2023 Bill Barker


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  • 1st Annual AZ NRA 3P Air Rifle Regional Championship

    Team 1st Place

    Individual 1st Place - Yaira Castro-Cruz

    Individual 2nd Place - Ashley Padilla Cabello

    AZ 3P Regional Championship 2023AZ 3P Regional Championship 2023 1st place individualAZ 3P Regional Championship 2023 2nd place individual

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  • Fontana MCJROTC Takes Two Second Place Finishes at Kennedy Open Drill & Raiders

    Kennedy CG 2022Kennedy Raiders 2022

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  • MCJROTC Academic Team Advances to Level II

    Congratulations to our Team B who will compete in February to see if they can place among the top eight in the country to advance to Nationals.  

    Team B

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  • 2nd Annual AZ NRA 3-P Air Rifle State Championship

    FOHI MCJROTC Marksmanship Team took 3rd Place and three individual places in the finals.  

    Ashley Padilla - 2nd Place

    Yaira Castro - 3rd Place

    Alma Negrete - 10th Place

    AZ State 3rd PlaceAshley 2nd Place

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  • Fontana Christmas Parade 2022

    FOHI MCJROTC marches in the Fontana Christmas Parade on Saturday, 10 December 2022.  

    Fontana Christmas Parade 2022

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    Miss Fontana Donation

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  • FOHI MCJROTC Host the 2022 Ray Picket Invitational Air Rifle Match

    Saturday, 19 November 2022.  Fontana MCJROTC Marksmanship Team placed 2nd Place Overall Team, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Kneeling, 3rd Place Prone Position.   

    Ray Pickett 2022Ray Pickett 2022

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  • FOHI MCJROTC celebrated the Marine Corps Birthday Ball on Saturday, 12 November 2022.  


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  • Veterans Day Color Guard Support

    CG FAC 2022CG FAC 2022

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  • Academic Teams Competes JLAB Level 1

    JLAB 1 Team AJLAB 1 Team B

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  • FOHI 1st Place Raiders Overall & 1st Place Unarmed Drill

    Santiago Raider Challenge 2022 1st Place Santiago Drill Meet 2022 1st Place

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  • Kaiser Color Guard Competition 2022

    Kaiser Color Guard Competition 2022Team BTeam A

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  • UCLA & USC ROTC Field Trip

    UCLA & USC ROTC Field Trip 2022UCLA ROTC 2022UCLA ROTC 2022USC ROTC 2022USC ROTC 2022

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  • FOHI MCJROTC Receives Top Honors from U.S. Marine Corps

    FOHI MCJROTC Receives Top Honors from U.S. Marine Corps

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  • FOHI MCJROTC Marksmanship Team started its competition year impressively, taking the overall team 1st and 3rd while sweeping the female individuals 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the Kaiser High School 11th Annual Biathlon 2022.  

    Kaiser Biathlon Trophies 2022


    Overall Team 

    1st Place:  Team A was led by returning seniors Ashley Padilla, Yaira Castro, and junior Alma Negrete with a combined time of 1:14:53 

    3rd Place:  Team C was led by returning sophomore Anna Porras, freshmen Stephanie Mendoza, and Jesus Bonilla with a combined time of 1:27:07

    4th Place:  Team B was led by returning juniors Jesse Sida and Eliezer Moreno, and new marksman senior Abigail Durrett with a combined time of 1:27:16


    Female Individuals:

    1st Place – Alma Negrete with a run of 23:27 with five penalties and three bullseyes, resulting in an adjusted time of 22:57

    2nd Place – Yaira Castro with a run of 29:52 with zero penalties and six bullseyes, resulting in an adjusted time of 23:52

    3rd Place – Stephanie Mendoza with a run time of 25:43 with three penalties and zero bullseyes, resulting in an adjusted time of 27:13



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  • Color Guard Competition at Ramona Drill Meet

    Team A

    Team B

    Team C

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  • Color Guard Supports Fontana Exchange and Receives Donation for FOHI MCJROTC

    CG Fontana Exchange ClubCG Fontana Exchange Club

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  • Uniform Inspection and Promotions

    Uniform InspectionPromotions

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  • Congress Woman Norma Torres Visits FOHI MCJROTC

    Congress Norma TorresCongress Torres

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