• Tier 2 PBIS Interventions are for those students that need targeted assistance.  Students entering Tier 2 do so on a case-by-case basis.  The Tier 2 Team meets bi-weekly to discuss the effectiveness of Tier 2 interventions, analyze and review data, and modify the teams action plan.  

    Tier 2 Interventions are available to students on a referral basis.  These interventions are typically implemented by our Tier 2 Team, which includes administration, counselors, psychologists, and PBIS trained staff members.  Students in this tier have interventions that are continuously available to them, including all Tier 1 interventions.  The interventions are aligned with our school-wide expectations and students utilize these interventions will either be exited based on data or moved to Tier 3 supports.

    On average, our Tier 2 supports are given to no more than 15% of the student population.

Tier 2 Counseling Groups
Tiered System of Support
Tier 2 Interventions Reference Guide
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