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    The Virtual Learning Program has two stands or educational options for students to participate in. Our Virtual 
    Learning strand (VL) allows students to participate most of their instructional time asynchronously, or 
    independently. Virtual Learning students must participate in the schedule or designated synchronous sessions by 
    law. Students in grades K-5 participate at least two (2) times a day with a teacher synchronously. Students in grades 
    6-8 participate at least two (2) times per week for each course synchronously. Students in grades 9-12 participate at 
    least one (1) time per week for each course synchronously. A student does not have the option to only participate 
    asynchronously in this strand. 
    The second strand in the Virtual Learning Program, is the ACCESS strand (ACS), where students are synchronous with 
    their teachers a majority (80-90%) of the instructional day. This means that a student must be live with their 
    teachers for the entire instructional day. This strand mimics the traditional in-school setting. Students must be active 
    and engaged during all instructional times. 
    At the Secondary level, grades 6-12 it is possible for a student to be enrolled in both strands In order for a student to 
    qualify for this, an enrollment conference with the VLP staff must take place. In addition, it is possible for a student 
    to have a part-time enrollment at the in-person school of residence and our online program. This individualized
    approach requires an enrollment conference with the school site and our program before a student is active in that 
    Successful completion of any enrolled course/class which is provided solely online requires a student to meet the 
    requirements of the course as outlined in the course syllabus, including all projects, writing assignments, and 
    assessments. Support from the teacher, student and family is a required component to ensure success of the 
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