What is Dual Enrollment?

    The Dual Enrollment program is a partnership between the Fontana Unified School District and Chaffey College that allows high school students to concurrently enroll in college level courses while pursuing their high school diploma.

    By participating in this program, Kaiser High School students will have the opportunity to take independent study college level courses, and if successful, earn transferable credits all before graduating high school.

  • Is Dual Enrollment for me?

    Students taking Dual Enrollment courses are going above and beyond the normal rigors of high school education. In addition to their regular high school schedule, these students are electing to take additional college-level coursework outside of school independently.

    Due to the rigor of taking extra classes, especially at the college level, it is recommended that students wishing to pursue Dual Enrollment coursework possess the following qualities:

    • A minimum 3.0 GPA

    • Successful completion of honors or AP coursework at the high school level

    • The ability to manage their time after school, especially if participating in extra-curricular activities

    All students are encouraged to apply and seek information about the program even if they have never taken an honors/AP course. View the Chaffey College Dual Enrollment website or schedule a meeting with Mr. Ulate. 

  • Can I earn High School credit for taking Chaffey College courses?

  • Will these college level courses count with an extra grade point like an AP courses?

  • How many classes can I take?

  • Do I have to list my Dual Enrollment grades on my college and university applications?

  • I previously failed a Dual Enrollment course. Can I fix the grade?