Henry J. Kaiser High School


    Methods of obtaining your books  

    If you are signed up for a High School Partnership (HSP) course, all fees and costs associated with the course are waived. If your HSP course requires a textbook, you can obtain a free copy from the Chaffey Bookstore.

    1. Visit the Chaffey Bookstore website and use "HSP" under the payment method.

    2. Visit the Chaffey Bookstore in person and ask an employee to help you find the books for your section.

      • The bookstore has your name, ChaffeyID, and course section number and will help you with the checkout process.

    For further assistance, watch the video from the Chaffey Bookstore on this page.


    How to obtain your textbook for NON-HSP courses

    If you signed up for a NON-High School Partnership (NON-HSP) course and the course isn't designated as a zero-cost class, you are required to purchase all necessary materials. This includes your textbook and any other resources the instructor has listed for the course. Please purchase your materials from the Chaffey Bookstore.