Transferable Courses

    The Assist website will help you to determine if the course you're taking at Chaffey College will transfer to a different university. As a rule of thumb, any High School Partnership (HSP) course you are taking should transfer to all Cal States and University of California schools.

    If you are unsure, use the link below and enter your course to see if it transfers.



    1. In the Academic Year dropdown, select the appropriate academic year in which you took your course. If you took a course in a previous school year, you will need to change this date.

    2. In the Community College drop down menu, select Chaffey College.

    3. For Cal State transferability, select CSU Transferable Courses.

    4. For US transferability, select UC Transferable Courses.

    5. On the next page, select the course department, and find the course you took under the list of classes that display on the right.




    Search for Transferable Courses Image