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Meet Lauri Martin, Principal of Palmetto

BeasleyAt the June 6, 2019 meeting of the FUSD Board of Education, the Board approved Lauri Martin as the new Principal of Palmetto Elementary School.

Mrs. Martin was born and raised in Orange County, California. After graduation from Laguna Hills High School, she continued her education at Chapman University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Liberal studies and a concentration in Literature and at National University where she earned a Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership.

One of the events that inspired her to go into the education field occurred when she was a third grader, attending the funeral of her grandfather. The small church was packed with people who spoke of how he changed their lives in both little and big ways. “Even then, I knew I wanted to be someone like that,” said Mrs. Martin. “I wanted to know how to do that: change people’s lives; help others.”

Serving at both the elementary and secondary education level, Mrs. Martin has held positions as an assistant principal and principal. “My career has allowed me to focus on supporting and leading areas of high need, special education, probational youth, and other special populations,” she said. “I love helping and supporting all youth to be successful. I love a challenge and am a dedicated life-long learner that looks for new ways to make sure our youth can be successful in their future."

Mrs. Martin is looking forward to starting the new school year in her new permanent capacity. “I am humbled and honored to be Principal at Palmetto,” said Mrs. Martin. “I am reminded of a quote from Ken Hakuta, ‘The world changes every second, blowing new opportunities in all directions, including yours.' I truly am excited about supporting and leading with Palmetto in their future steps into the 2018-2019 school year. The kids, staff, and community have really grown on me in my short few weeks that I was there at the end of the year. I am grateful and flattered for this opportunity.”

Fontana Fun FactOne Fun Fact would be the other pivotal event that led Mrs. Martin to enter the educational field. It occurred while she was flying back East on her own and was seated next to a nun. “She started talking with me about many things and one question she asked me was, ‘What did I want to be when I grow up?’ I didn’t really know - I was only in 5th grade. The nun looked at me and said that she thought that I was going to be a teacher, and thought my divine destiny was that. I was in awe, again, at her words. She must have been right because I have served youth in some capacity most of my adult life.”

She loves spending time with her husband and four kids outside of work. “My hobby is photography,” she said, “and I love capturing precious moments we share with my camera.”

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