Kathy Binks Elementary School

Principal's Message

  • Kathy Binks Families,

    Tis' the Season

    Our holiday season begins this week.  With over 40 multinational festivals and holidays in the month of December, it is truly a time for our Kathy Binks students to enjoy their families and traditions. 

    The importance of spending time with family is crucial for students' social-emotional well-being.  One of the best ways to connect with families and have students feel they belong, is to share in family traditions.  These traditions create a sense of security and love that all people need, from age 1 to 100.  They also keep your cultural/family/religious values alive.  As your students grow older, they may begin to do their own thing, but holidays will always bring them back to family.

    With so many different holidays and family traditions, at Kathy Binks, we wish everyone a very happy holiday filled with love, kindness, and a touch of koality,

    Lorena Huizar-Rodriguez






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