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Special Services/Special Education Program Offerings

Adapted Physical Education: promotes maximum interaction with the general population by developing and adapting game skills and allowing students to participate.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing: develops effective communications systems for the pupil while developing academic, social and emotional skills.

Early Childhood: develops the readiness skills necessary for school entry through Special Day Classes and Centerbase.

Emotionally Disturbed: emphasizes social/emotional and behavior management systems to assist the student to participate in the core curriculum.

Extended Year Program: serves eligible students as determined by the IEP team..

Language, Speech and Hearing: develops speech/language skills necessary for the pupil to benefit from their education program.

Mobility Opportunities Via Education (MOVE): teaches children with severe -profound handicaps to sit, stand and walk to improve quality of life.

Occupational Therapy: provides children with various needs with positive, fun activities to improve their cognitive, physical, and motor skills and enhance their self esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Orientation and Mobility: teaches visually impaired students to use senses to orient themselves in their environment and safely navigate.

Orthopedically Impaired: reflects the core curriculum as presented in the regular classroom with modification dictated by the individual's physical limitations.

Resource Specialist Program: provides instructions and services to pupils whose needs have been identified in an Individual Education Plan developed by the IEP team.

Special Day Class / Mild-Moderate: emphasizes remediation of/or compensation for the disability as it relates to the core curriculum.

Special Day Class / Moderately-Severely Handicapped: teaches academic and individual critical skills in chronologically age-appropriate setting.

Special Day Class / Severely-Profoundly Handicapped: emphasizes communication, mobility and life skills.

Transition Partnership Program:  provides employment skills, coaching, work experience, for secondary students with disabilities via a grant with D.O.R.

Visually Impaired: reflects curriculum presented in the classroom with the modification dictated by the individual's visual limitations.

Vocational Education: includes opportunities in district programs and in addition serves 18-22 year olds with severe handicaps, as they transition.

Workability: provides work experience, employment skills, for secondary students with disabilities via the grant program.

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