• Randy S. Bassett

    Randal S. Bassett, Superintendent

    The Superintendent coordinates the total educational program and provides leadership in its development and improvement.  The Superintendent is responsible for the management of the schools as authorized by Board Policy.  Feel free to contact us for information regarding implementation of the School Board's policies and procedures.

    Superintendent's Message

    The Fontana Unified School District is the twelfth largest school district in California.  With over 38,000 K-12 students, 2,000 preschoolers, and over 1,100 adult school students, we constitute the largest educational enterprise in the area.  More importantly, Fontana schools have a five-year track record of continuous improvement in student achievement.  The citizens of Fontana support this district with their time, their talents, and with a $275 million general obligation bond to build the new schools needed to support the continuous growth in size.  It is both my privilege and my pleasure to serve this district.

    Response to LCP Questions

    Stakeholder feedback was taken from the District Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) virtual Teams meeting on September 2, 2020 and from the District’s English Language Advisory Council (DELAC) virtual Teams meeting held on September 3, 2020. Responses were provided directly during the LCP presentation by the Teaching and Learning Department and Family and Community Engagement. No additional questions were submitted to the superintendent's office regarding LCP.

Superintendent's Cabinet:

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    Superintendent's Office (909) 357-5000, ext. 29109

    Randal S. Bassett, Superintendent
    Corrina M. Choske, Executive Assistant
    Veronica R. Hernandez, Executive Assistant