Enrollment at DHIA

  • La Academia Internacional Dolores Huerta ofrece un programa de doble inmersión con una educación de clase mundial para todos los alumnos.

    ​Nuestra escuela ofrece de kinder a sexto grado. 

    "Excelencia académica y compasión global a través de una educación innovadora y multilingüe"


    Dolores Huerta International Academy offers a dual immersion program that provides a world class education to all scholars.

    Our school offers kinder through sixth grade.

    "Academic excellence and global compassion through innovative and multilingual education"


     Due to existing waiting list, no new applications are being received for all grade levels (K-6)

    If your child is currently enrolled at another dual immersion school and you are interested in transferring to DHIA, please call the office at 909-357-5070 for more information. 

DHIA Mission & Vision

  • D- Dedication to thrive academically as open minded, knowledgeable and lifelong learners

    H- Harmony through a respectful and open-minded school environment that celebrates global diversity by promoting cooperation and equity within our community

    I- We are creative, principled and knowledgeable innovators who use technology to inquire, reflect, and communicate in order to be effective problem solvers.

    A- Academic activism to inspire and empower compassionate, reflective, risk-taking thinkers who embrace multiculturalism with an open mind.