Our Expectations

Morning Routine

    • 7:15 school opens. 
    • When the cafeteria opens, you will enter, pick up breakfast, and sit at a table to eat.
    • Around 7:30 School Site Aides will open the blacktop area. You may start to line up at your classroom numbers, facing the building.
    • 7:40, teachers will arrive to the lines to pick up students. 
    • 7:45, the tardy bell rings, everyone should be in their class to begin the day. Teachers will begin their morning meetings
    • If you arrive after 7:45 you will have to come in through the front office.

Afterschool Routine

    • 5 minutes before the end of school, teachers will instruct you to pack up.
    • Teachers will sort your classmates into 4 groups:
      • Students staying on campus
      • Students riding the bus
      • Students walking home
      • Students getting picked up
    • Teachers will escort you and your classmates to the front of the school via the classes designated exit.
    • At 2:20, the bell will ring and your teacher will dismiss you to the appropriate locations:
      • If staying on campus go to the cafeteria
      • If riding the bus get in the bus line
      • If walking home be safe
      • If getting picked up please line up against the brick wall and stand under the section that matches your pickup number.