College, Careers and Economic Development

  • The College, Careers and Economic Development Department works collaboratively and serves as the district liaison with local, state, and national organizations that connect and support college, career and economic development. The Executive Director guides a team providing support systems to district schools and their programs that engage with industry and community groups to sustain district-community partnerships; and that builds systems of access for students with Institutions of Higher Learning; guides staff in managing College and Career Readiness Indicator initiatives and policies.

    College, Careers and Economic Development is Comprised of:

    Adult Education/Fontana Adult School 

    Cynthia Gleason
    Cynthia Gleason, Principal (909) 357-5490, ext. 56107
    Ruzanna Hernandez, Assistant Principal (909) 357-5490, ext. 56239
    Shawn Dickerson, Senior Secretary I (909) 357-5490, ext. 56107
    Heather Quintanilla, Account Clerk II (909) 357-5490, ext. 56226
    Lupita Berry, Receptionist (909) 357-5490, ext. 56221

    College and Career Readiness

    Vernell Deslonde
    Vernell Deslonde, Ed.D., Director (909) 357-5000, ext. 29182
    Natasha Hillenburg, Senior Secretary II (909) 357-5000, ext. 29182


    Economic Development  

    Barbara Armenta, Teacher - Work Experience/Work-Based Learning (909) 357-5300, ext. 13274

    Linked Learning 

    Garth Masik
    Garth Masik, Director (909) 357-5300, ext. 13273
    Deanna Beck, Senior Secretary II (909) 357-5300, ext. 13273

    Online Resources:

    Department Contacts:

    College, Careers and Economic Development  (909) 357-5000, ext. 29180

      Tracey Vackar, Executive Director (909) 357-5000, ext. 29180
      Hazel Walker, Senior Secretary II (909) 357-5000, ext. 29180
      Carolanne Powers-Nadziejko, Budget Technician (909) 357-5000, ext. 29112