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  • Parking Permit Information 

    Parking permits are required for students to park on the JHHS campus. Please see the attachment for permit information. They can be purchase for $10 from the ASB Bookkeeper or in the student store. You must have the signed contract, a current driver's license, current insurance, and current registration information with you when you come to purchase a permit. You must purchase an permit for each vehicle you plan to park on campus. We will have reserved spaces for the first students to purchase permits (until we run out of reserved spaces). Students are only allowed to park in the student parking lot. We will be ticketing all vehicles that do not have a permit and/or that are parked in any area other than the student parking lot. The only exception is that seniors that are unscheduled 1st period must get a LATE START sticker to display in the car windshield to be allowed to park in front of the school. All vehicles without this sticker will be ticketed.

    Parking Permit Information

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  • Senior Parent Meeting

    Please see the attached file for some of the information we reveiwed at the senior parent meeting on 8/27/19. 

     We will have another meeting with seniors in January to review any updates/changes. 

    Senior Parent Meeting (Aug 2019)

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  • Student Store Packages & Pricing 2019-2020

    Please see the attachement for the current school year packages.

    You may make a minimum of a $100 deposit on the senior package and pay the balance off by February 7, 2020.

    You can only leave a deposit and make payments if you are purchasing ALL items in the package.

    You can always pay in full and purchase individual items based on the a la carte pricing.  The deadline to purchase a package/leave a deposit is October 4th.

    There will not be any reimbursements on ANY of the package items if students are unable to attend for any reason (i.e. choose not to attend, poor attendance, school discipline issues, falure to follow school policies / contracts, get in trouble at home, get in trouble at school and the school doesn't allow them to attend, etc.)​

    JHHS Packages (2019-2020)

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