• Do you want to learn English?

    ESL classes can help. You will learn to understand, speak, read and write in English. 

    Students want to learn English for a variety of reasons, for example:

    • get a better job, a promotion or a raise
    • communicate with school staff, doctor, grandchildren
    • prepare for the citizenship interview
    • embrace opportunities in the United States

    You will take an assessment to determine level placement. 



    ESL Beginning (B)

    (Beginning Literacy, Beginning Low, Beginning High)

    This course is for students with little or no knowledge of English. Students lwill learn to communicate basic messages in common situations. 

    ESL Intermediate (I)

    (Intermediate Low, Intermediate High)

    This course is for students who have learned to communicate using basic phrases and sentences to convey their immediate needs. Students will continue developing language skills so they can communicate more easiliy in familiar situations and begin to adapt to new situations. 

    ESL Advanced (A)

    (Advanced Low, Advanced High)

    This course is for students who are able to follow oral instructions, can write messages, and read about familiar topics. Students will learn to communicate fluently in more complex and technical situations.



    This program is for all levels of ESL. It allows students needing a more flexible schedule to learn English. Students wanting to advance faster, may also take this course to supplement the work they are doing in their ESL class.