Food Services

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    Dedicated to Providing Nutrition and Wellness for a Lifetime of Learning.

    The Fontana Unified Food Services department recognizes the link between good nutrition and a child’s ability to learn. The Food Services department is made up of dedicated food and nutrition professionals focused on providing affordable, nutritious and appealing meals to all students to bridge that link and support student health and wellness for a lifetime.

    We are committed to ensuring that meals, foods and beverages sold or served to our students either meet or exceed state and federal nutrition guidelines. Furthermore, the Food Services department will remain focused on providing opportunities and access to appropriate nutrition education and working with parents and students on improving our services.

    Online Resources:

    Department Contacts:

    Food Services  (909) 357-5160, ext. 29200

    Trieste Huey, Director (909) 357-5160, ext. 29200
    Haide Valadez, Senior Secretary II
    (909) 357-5160, ext. 29200
    Luis Mays, Assistant Director
    (909) 357-5160, ext. 29207
    Perla Rios-Delgado, Intermediate Secretary
    (909) 357-5160, ext. 29498
    Kelley Mitchell, Nutrition Specialist
    (909) 357-5160, ext. 29209
    Gilbert Ramos, Production & Catering Coordinator
    (909) 357-5160, ext. 15353
    Karen Gonzalez, Budget Technician
    (909) 357-5160, ext. 29205
    Michael Berrios, Electronic Data Analyst
    (909) 357-5160, ext. 29489