Welcome to Art @ STMS

  • Art is part of the exploratory (elective) wheel and is a one-semester class taken by eligible students at all grade levels. The class is designed to introduce students to the world of art and art history. Students learn why artists create, what they do, and how different artists influence our environment. Students engage in activities that encourage and require creative thinking and work to improve student craftmanship. Students also study art from the past to increase their understanding of history.

    ART 1 Syllabus


    Art 2 is a course designed for students who have a natural curiosity and interest in art. The goal for this course is to expand the student’s skills beyond the basic exploratory art class. Art 2 is a studio art class designed to improve the student’s skills in various media, using art as a form of expression, reading, writing and talking about one’s own art as well as the work of others. Successful completion of this course enables students to skip Art 1 in high school and directly enroll in Art 2 as a high school Freshman.


    ART 2 Syllabus