Human Resources

  • douglas staine

    Douglas F. Staine, Ed.D, Associate Superintendent

    The Human Resources Division oversees the employment, employer/employee relations, labor negotiations and contract administration for the Fontana Unified School District.

    Departments Under Human Resources Division:

    Caroline Labonte

    Certificated Human Resources

    Caroline Labonte, Executive Director-Certificated
    Veronica Melendrez, Human Resources Specialist
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29038

    Rita Bayne

    Classified Human Resources 

    Rita Bayne, Ed.D, Executive Director-Classified
    Beverly Villasenor, Human Resources Specialist
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29038

    Adele Thomas

    Human Resources Leadership and Program Support

    Adele Thomas, Senior Director
    Erika Alvarez, Administrative Secretary
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29038


    Department Contacts:

    Human Resources (909) 357-5000, ext. 29038

    Douglas F. Staine, Ed.D., Associate Superintendent
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29046

    Susie Villa, Executive Assistant
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29046

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