• Hello Maple Families,

    As we move into the last few months of our 2021-2022 school year, I wanted to share some information with you. Lately, we have noticed that we have seen an increase in the number of student tardies. One way that you can support us is by continuing to have your student arrive by 7:40am, which is our first bell. We also ask that you obey all traffic rules to ensure the flow of traffic continues efficiently and safely as you drop your student off to school. Please continue to follow all speed limits, park in designated areas only and if your child needs assistance exiting the vehicle that you park along Maple Avenue or in the school parking lot in a designated space so that your student can safely exit the vehicle without causing a safety concern or disrupting the flow of traffic.

    On February 28th, California Governor Gavin Newsom provided an end date to the current requirements for student masking in schools. While masks will not be required beginning March 12th, students who prefer to continue to mask will be welcomed to do so. We suggest that parents have a conversation with their children regarding their preference. The Fontana School District continues to take multiple steps to provide a safe environment for students and employees during this unprecedented pandemic. Safety measures include temperature checks, advanced air filtration systems, and the provision of personal protective equipment. The Fontana Unified School District continues to stay in communication with public health officers to stay on top of health guidance and recommendations.

    Beginning Monday, April 18th, state testing will begin for students in grades 3-5. Some ways that you can assist your student and the school are by:

    • Scheduling all appointments for your student(s) after 12pm during testing dates which are 4/18-5/6
    • Ensuring your student goes to bed early.
    • Arrive on campus early enough to eat breakfast or eat a healthy breakfast at home.
    • Provide encouragement prior to testing.
    • Review the practice tests that are available for parents and students. Practice tests are a great way to preview the test, view sample questions, and practice with the tools and resources (e.g., highlighter, calculator). Need help with the practice test? Reference Guides are available to assist with the login process and can be accessed at http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/ca/caasppqrg.asp.

    Upcoming Events:

    • Jog-a-thon-May 12th
    • PBIS field day-May 25th



    Elena Zerbel, Principal


    Elena A. Zerbel, Principal