• Citrus High School
    10760 Cypress Avenue
    Fontana, CA 92337

    (909) 357-5300
    Fax: (909) 357-7559

    Mike Bunten, Principal 

    Citrus High School offers a variety of programs designed to meet the needs of our students.  We provide a quality instructional program with a flexible structure.  Citrus High School enjoys the active support of its parents and other community members.

    At this time, Citrus has an enrollment of approximately 576 students.  The student population is a rich mixture of 91.3% Hispanic or Latino, 5.4% African American, 3% White, .2% Pacific Islander and .1% other ethnic backgrounds.  In recent years we have made great strides in improving student attendance, student achievement, and our graduation rate. 

  • Student Learner Outcomes
    Character A graduate of Citrus High School should be able to:
    • Persevere in difficult situations
    • Take responsibility for their own actions
    • Rely on themselves to accomplish their goals
    • Act with integrity
    • Have a positive outlook on their future
    • Set goals and remain motivated to achieve then
    • Be empathic toward others
    Community LiveA graduate of Citrus High School should strive to:
    • Live a healthy lifestyle,
    • Engage in civic activities
    • Understand the world and their role in it
    • Contribute positively to their environment
    College and Career Readiness A graduate of Citrus High School should cultivate:
    ·         21st Century Lifelong Learning Skills
    o    Critical Thinking – Communication – Collaboration – Creativity – Civility  
    ·         Life and Career Skills            
    ·         Digital Literacy