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  • Welcome Site Visit Team! This page will introduce you to the Fontana Unified School District Induction Program and provide you with some background information about the district. At this time, the district is transitioning to a new website format that will be ADA compliant. The webpage will house all evidence for reviewers 60 days before the site visit will occur. For now, the URL to the Program Review will lead you to the Program Review and hyperlinked evidence. 

    The Fontana Unified School District Induction Program is a single district program that assists beginning teachers to earn a clear preliminary California Multiple Subject, Single Subject and/or Clear Education Specialist teaching credential. As the teacher’s employing agency, each candidate has the opportunity to participate in a comprehensively developed rigorous program aligned to their needs as described and assessed by the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. The FUSD Induction Program continues to be a strong support program that provides beginning teachers with a mentor who meets with them a minimum of one hour per week. The new program design ensures that all weekly meetings are guided by the program processes found in the teacher’s Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). Mentors provide “just in time” support as well as guidance to the beginning teachers as they plan, teach, reflect and apply new knowledge to enhance students’ and teachers’ growth and development. 


    Provide an environment where new teachers can learn, thrive, and succeed in improving teacher efficacy and ultimately enhance all students' growth and learning through action research aligned to individualized goals and support.


    • Prompt reflection about student learning and teaching practice; formulate professional goals to improve teaching practice in support of student learning; and guide, monitor, and assess the progress of a teacher’s practice toward professional growth. (Continuum of Teaching Practice, 2014)
    • Improve student educational performance through improved training, support, information, and assistance for new teachers. (California Education Code, Section 44279.2b)
    • Implement a continuous improvement cycle in order for all Induction programs to maintain accountability and improve their quality, with a positive impact for all stakeholders. (CCSESA 2016)


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