• 2020-2021 School Year Reopening Options


    FUSD Reopening School Stages

    Currently, FUSD schools are offering instruction under Stage 2, providing distance learning to all students.  Students will work with teachers from their school online. Teachers will provide daily live interaction with students, using tools such as Microsoft Teams, to help students learn and complete their studies. Students will be responsible for participating in group classes as well as complete work on their own. They will be expected to complete and turn in all assignments for grading. Teachers will offer 'Student Support Hours', a time where they would be available to answer student and parent questions.  For more information about schedules and information about distance learning, visit Stage 2.

    Alternative Education options may be available for students looking for independent studies options.  A full list of alternative education options can be found at Alternative Education.

    The Virtual Learning Program is a self-paced program where independent learners can thrive. Virtual Learning is a good alternative for students who are independent learners and for parents who are able to take an active role in their student's learning.  For more information about this program, visit Virtual Learning Program.


Essential Services Only:
Limited staff allowed on site, schools not open to public (including students and parents)


Essential +:
Staff allowed on site, students meet with teachers by appointment only


Students and staff allowed on campus with small groups (cohorts), with proper safety protocols in place.


Students and staff return to traditional instruction without restrictions.