• Chaffey College Dual Enrollment Program

    Follow these steps to take a class with Chaffey College :

    STEP 1: Apply to Open CCC and register as a high school student for Chaffey College, Click here to apply now.

    • students will receive an email from Chaffey College with your Chaffey College student ID number.
    • Students who have previously applied to be a Chaffey College student and already have a Chaffey College student ID number do not need to repeat this step. This step is ONLY for NEW students to Chaffey College.

    STEP 2: Go to https://my.chaffey.edu/ 

    •   On the log in page, provide your username and password   

    STEP 3: On your MyChaffey Portal, student selects course and admissions   

    How To Apply To Chaffey College As A First-Time High School Student: https://youtu.be/ZisjBwaXaRQ 
    If you need help, please check the Chaffey College Tutorial  LINK TREE  for High School Students:  https://linktr.ee/Dual_Enrollment
    Please visit the Dual Enrollment website for more information: High School Dual Enrollment | Chaffey College 



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