• What you should know about COVID-19 Mandates for students at FUSD 

    Last Updated December 12, 2021


    1. Are COVID-19 vaccinations mandated for students at FUSD currently?

    Currently COVID-19 vaccinations are not required for any students attending any FUSD schools.  We do however encourage all families interested in having their students vaccinated to visit myturn.ca.gov to schedule an appointment for children ages 5+ to receive the vaccination.

    2. Will COVID-19 vaccinations be mandated for students at FUSD in the future?

    At this time the Fontana Unified School District Board of Education has no plans on implementing a district level COVID-19 vaccination mandate.  However, FUSD will follow mandates provided by the state of California and continue to follow CDC and California Department of Public Health guidance regarding the mitigation of COVID-19.  The Governor of California has indicated that there are future plans to add the COVID-19 vaccination to the list of required immunizations once the COVID-19 vaccination receives full approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for middle and high school grades.

    3. Will there be exemptions allowed for this mandate?

    Yes, according to the Governor's press conference held on October 1, 2021, there will be exemptions for medical reasons, as well as religious and personal beliefs.  To view specifically what Governor Newsom says on this topic, please view video clip from Governor Newsom's press conference on October 1.


    4. Who will be required to have the COVID-19 vaccination?

    Based on the Governor’s plan described during his October 1, 2021 press conference, there will be a 2-phase plan for rolling out the COVID-19 vaccination requirements. Phase 1, once the FDA gives final approval for the COVID-19 vaccination for children 12 and older, middle (7th-8th grade) and high school (9th-12th grade) students will be required to receive this vaccination starting the following semester for that age group.  (see full video 19:20 below) The second phase will be COVID-19 vaccination requirements for K-6th grade students, which will be rolled out later based on FDA approvals of the vaccination for those students. (see full video 20:35 below)

    5. What is the likely timeframe for when the mandate will begin?

    Currently, we do not have a timeframe for when the mandate will go into effect as the FDA has not given final approval to any of the COVID-19 vaccinations for 12+. 

    To view the Governor's entire press conference announcing the plans to include COVID-19 on the required immunization list for in-person students, visit: https://youtu.be/iYZ4P5nE_i0


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