Student Instructional Support

  • The policy of VLP is to ensure our students are successful as they travel down their educational journey with FUSD. VLP requires students to work diligently and make progress in all enrolled courses. For a student to make educational progress, a student must not have more than one (1) week of past due assignments and maintain at least a 60% proficiency rate in their completed work. In addition, a student must generate attendance for more than four (4) days or 50% of the instructional time in a month. A student must engage synchronously or asynchronously for at least 50% of an instructional week, not to be considered for attendance intervention. In addition, If a student is not making adequate progress, a team meeting will be held to discuss student progress and evaluate continued enrollment in the program.  


    Conditions for Intervention and Supports  

    During the onboarding process or during a student’s participation in VLP, a student may be identified as needing intervention and supports. A student may qualify for interventions and supports for any of the following reasons:  

    1. If a student is not making adequate educational progress  

    1. If a student is not generating attendance for more than four (4) school days or 50% of the instructional time in a month 

    1. If a student does not meet enrollment criteria  

    1. If a student is put on a tiered support plan, but does not make improvements after two (2) weeks a second tiered support plan can be generated 

    If a student is determined to need intervention, a meeting will be held to create an intervention plan. Interventions can include but are not limited to mandatory participation in intervention periods, weekly progress monitoring, academic goal setting, tutoring and/or student referral to counseling. During the intervention meeting a follow-up date will be scheduled to review student progress and evaluate the student’s continued enrollment.  


    Evaluation of Continued Enrollment  

    While it is the primary goal for all our students to maintain success in our program, we recognize that this program may not be a fit for all students. A student may be evaluated for continued enrollment if one of the following occurs: 

    1. If a student is enrolled with tiered interventions  

    1. If a student is put on a tiered support plan and continues to not meet academic progress requirements 

    1. If a student is put on a tiered support plan and continues not to generate attendance  

    1. A violation of the Master Agreement  

    1. Student misconduct in a virtual setting  

    1. Failure to appear or participate in tiered intervention meetings  

    If it is determined by the District that the student should be returned to in-person instruction, the transition back to their school site will happen within five (5) working days of the determination. Parents/Guardian, instructional and administration staff will be notified of the date for the student to return to the last school of attendance.  


    Communication of Student Progress  

    Given the independent nature of the virtual program and our mission to ensure all students are making educational progress; on-going communication about student progress is mandatory. Teachers will be available to meet about student progress throughout the year, and in addition, there are parent conferences each semester to review student progress. This is in addition, to the progress updates that each family will receive. The ability to make on-going communication with your student’s teacher via email, Microsoft Teams, phone and/or ParentSquare is essential. If a student is to miss any mandatory period of day, it is the family’s responsibility to contact VLP and the student’s teacher so accommodations can be made that will not hinder the academic progress of the student.