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Understanding of the Academic Day

  • During a traditional in-person day, a student receives 5.5 hours of instruction. In a long-term independent study program students have a flexible learning program that is equivalent to the in-person day. Students are required to complete coursework both asynchronously and synchronously that would be equal to the 5.5 instructional day.
    Successful completion of any enrolled course/class which is provided solely online requires a student to meet the requirements of the course as outlined in the course syllabus, including all projects, writing assignments, and assessments. Support from the teacher, student and family is a required component to ensure success of the student.
    All teachers are required to be available to students during the instructional day, 8:30am – 3:30pm, Monday - Friday. Teachers will work with students who have a need to work outside of the instructional day and will work directly to set up time for communication of any necessary instruction or support.