• Athletic Participation

    Major Rules for Athletic Participation:

    • In order to compete, students must have passed four (4) or more classes of new work during the previous grading period.
    • No student may compete who has reached his nineteenth (19) birthday prior to the first day of September of the school year he/she wishes to compete.
    • Students must adhere to specific grooming standards required by the particular sport or coach
    • Students must have passed a physical examination.
    • Students must have accident insurance coverage (State Law).
    • Students must adhere to all other rules established by the Fontana Unified School District, Kaiser High School, and C.I.F.

    Varsity Letters:

    Students who qualify will be allowed to wear Kaiser High School-approved letterman jackets.  A committee of parents, students, and staff determine the standards and requirements for this traditional symbol of athletic, extra-curricular, and academic achievement.  Strict adherence to the letterman’s jacket requirements must be followed.  You can get a copy of the requirements from the Athletic Director or Activities Director.  Be sure to read these carefully before you buy a jacket to display the Kaiser “K”.

    ASB Suspensions:

    Students who wish to participate in ASB-sponsored activities must be clear of all charges or be placed on an approved payment plan.  Students can go to the ASB Bookkeeper’s office in H-104 during brunch, lunch or after school to make payments.  Students will be excluded and prohibited from attending many activities if fees and/or fines are not taken care of in a timely manner.

    Extra-Curricular Activity Drug Testing:

    In order to provide for the health and safety of all students, to support students who say “no” to drug use, and to provide an opportunity for those taking illegal drugs to receive help in locating programs which can provide assistance, the Fontana Unified School District will conduct mandatory drug testing for all high school students who choose to participate in any extra-curricular leadership programs.  This test will be done randomly.  Programs that will be drug tested can include but are not limited to:  ASB Officers, Class Officers, Band, Cheerleaders, Athletics, Debate Teams, Academic Decathlon, and Drama.  Also, any student on Homecoming or Prom Court will also be subject to the drug testing policy.

    Kaiser High School students in these programs are to model exemplary behavior.