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  • Home of the SkyHawks!


    Our Mission Statement: 

    "Every student will be provided an exciting, challenging, and comprehensive educational program that is aligned to state standards in a safe, respectful, and welcoming environment."


    We Can't Spell Summit Without U!

    "U" will prepare for a multi-lingual world. 

    "U" will learn real life job skills.

    "U" will create original masterpieces.

    "U" will innovate and utilize technology.

    "U" will compute date in practical applications. 

    "U" will imagine achieving your goals.

    "U" will seek out quality resources.

    "U" will collaborate professionally with others.

    "U" will analyze and critique sources. 

    "U" will exemplify good sportsmanship.

    "U" will articulate your research findings.

    "U" will mentor younger SkyHawks.


    Alma Mater:

    As we soar through the ages

    As we take through the skies

    We spread our wings of blue and silver

    As we fly with Skyhawk pride

    Loyal in our hearts

    Body, spirit, mind

    We come, we learn, we lead the way.

    Forever Summit High!


    SOAR Statements:

    Self-Directed Learners who-

    • Take personal responsibility for setting and achieving short and long term goals.
    • Appreciate diversity and use inclusive and informed approaches to resolve conflicts through positive actions.
    • Demonstrate critical thinking by identifying, assessing, and analyzing information from a variety of sources.

    Organized Individuals who-

    • Attend classes regularly and punctually with all necessary materials.
    • Demonstrate appropriate work habits and organizational skills.
    • Research options and establish a post-secondary plan.

    Articulate Communicators who-

    • Convey ideas through oral and written expression, using effective organization, correct grammar, and appropriate language and register.
    • Listen and read to understand and interpret concepts and ideas.
    • Use a variety of tools, including technology, to research and present information.

    Real-Life Problem Solvers who-

    • Break tasks into manageable steps.
    • Demonstrate a strong foundation in deductive and inductive reasoning.
    • Consider, select, and apply strategies, skills and concepts to find appropriate, effective, and creative solutions.
    • Effectively weigh positive and negative consequences of their choices.



  • School Established: September 2006

    School Mascot: SkyHawks

    School Colors: Navy Blue, White, Silver, Grey 

    15551 Summit Avenue | Fontana, CA  92336

    909.357.5950 - main office