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High School Equivalency Program (GED or HiSet)

  • Want to earn your high school equivalency diploma?  We offer classes free of charge!  We are also an official testing center for GED and HiSET.  

    To obtain an official California High School Equivalency (HSE) Certificate, test takers must meet all of the following State requirements:

    • You have not completed high school.
    • You are a California resident or a member of the armed services assigned to duty in the state of California.
    • You have passed all portions of an HSE Test that has been approved by the California State Board of Education (SBE) and taken at a testing center that has been approved by the California Department of Education.

    Each test taker's identity and age must be verified by photographic identification, both at the time of registration and before admittance to the testing room. The identification document must include name, date of birth, signature, photograph and address of the test taker. Acceptable identification includes:

    • Photographic driver's license, with a signature, issued by any U.S. State or foreign government
    • Photographic identification card, with a signature, issued by any of the U.S. Armed Forces, any U.S. state, or any foreign government
    • Photographic Tribal enrollment card with a signature
    • Photographic identification card or badge, with a signature, issued by a California department or agency (e.g., California Conservation Corps)
    • Photographic passport, with a signature, issued by the U.S. Or foreign government

    For more information from the California Department of Education, please visit

    At Fontana Adult School, we offer classes to help students prepare to take their GED or HiSet exams.  Classes are offered in the evenings from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, or during morning hours.