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    The Board of Education provides direction for operating the District through actions taken at its meetings. Board members, as a body, develop the policies by which the educational programs and other business of the District are carried out. They may not act individually in the name of the Board; action may be taken only when the Board is gathered in a formal meeting with a majority of the members present.

    Meetings are open to the public except for closed sessions, which the Board is permitted to hold to hear and consider confidential items such as matters relating to individual employees or students, litigation, and other subjects contained in the Brown Act. Certain actions taken in closed session are reported out during the open session portion of each meeting.

    Regular Board meetings are held in accordance with Board Bylaw 9320 in the John D. Piazza Education Center, 9680 Citrus Avenue in Fontana, starting with closed session at 5:00 pm, followed by open session at 6:30 pm. Special meetings and study sessions are held as needed. The schedule of meetings may be viewed by clicking on the “Board Meeting Dates” link at the bottom of this page.

    Times are allotted at Board meetings for the general public to address the Board on agenda items as well as items not on the agenda. Comments should relate to items of public interest within the Board’s jurisdiction.

    Persons wishing to address the Board are requested to fill out a "Registration Card to Address the Board" and adhere to the provisions described therein. Please submit this card to the recording secretary at the meeting prior to the call to order.

    Meetings are streamed live and past meetings can be viewed via the links below.