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Become a Parent Volunteer!

Parent Volunteers have a tremendous impact on our schools and the education of our students. They bring a special kind of enthusiasm to the classroom as they provide support and assistance to our teachers.


First off, check with the school site to make sure they are accepting volunteers at this time.  If they are, complete a Volunteer Authorization Form and return the form, along with proof of TB Test Results (must be within last 60 days) to the school site administrative approval.  Once the school site administrator has approved the form, he/she will forward the form to Classified Human Resources. Depending upon the type of volunteer assignment, fingerprints may be required.  If fingerprints are required, the volunteer will be contacted by Human Resources.  Once the volunteer has been approved by the Board of Education, the department/school site will be advised of the date the volunteer can begin his/her assignment.

Types of Volunteer Assignments:

  • Standard Volunteer (under direct supervision) - does not require fingerprints
    Assists at a site on a regular or semi-regular basis (includes parents who observe/visit child at school on a regular basis and stay more than 15 minutes each time).  Individuals attending or assisting at a one-time event with no supervised contact with children are not considered volunteers.
  • School Activity Volunteer * - requires fingerprints
    Prior to volunteering in a school activity, must obtain an Activity Supervisor Clearance Certificate (ASCC) from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (California Assembly Bill 346).  Requires fingerprints and online application for ASCC (all associated expenses are to be paid by the volunteer).
  • Other Volunteer Assignments Requiring Fingerprints
    • Volunteering over 16 hours per week in a State Preschool and volunteer is not related to a child in the classroom
    • Tutoring/mentoring outside classroom or supervised school setting
    • Attending or chaperoning overnight school-sponsored trip (excludes high school grad night activities)
    • Transporting students in a private vehicle
    • Student observation as part of a formal teacher preparation program
    • Any volunteer activity where there is a possibility of unsupervised contact with children

* School Activity Volunteer assignments identified on Schedule C:

  • Academic Decathlon Coach
  • Academic Pentathlon Coach
  • Advanced Placement Coordinator
  • ASB Advisor
  • Assistant Academic Decathlon Coach
  • Assistant Band Director
  • Assistant Coach
  • Assistant Dance Competition Team Advisor
  • Assistant Mock Trial Coach
  • Assistant Musical Director
  • Assistant Pentathlon Coach
  • Assistant Pep Squad Advisor
  • Band Director
  • Dance Competition Team Advisor
  • Department Chairperson
  • Drama Director
  • Drill Team Advisor
  • Head Coach
  • Intramural Activities Coordinator
  • Intramural Director
  • Leadership Teams
  • Librarian
  • Mock Trial Coordinator
  • Musical Director
  • Newspaper Advisor
  • Pep Squad Advisor (Fall-Winter)
  • Performing Band Director
  • Speech and Debate Coach
  • Summer School ASB Advisor
  • Tall Flags Advisor
  • Vocal Director
  • Weight Room Supervisor
  • Yearbook Advisor
  • Yearbook/Newspaper Advisor

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