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Laptop Issues at home or at school?

Parents of students who are at Oak Park

if you're having laptop issues at home call Help Desk, 909)357-7630. If you need a laptop swap because Help Desk advised you to, please come during these hours so that I can help you with the swap

Monday, Tuesday,Thursday and Friday Hours


Wednesday Hours


VLP and ACCESS Student Support

  • Support will be given to parents in these two programs at the Enrollment Center not at Oak Park and no need to call Help Desk.
  • Hours of Support: 7:30am-3:30pm for ACCESS and VLP parents
  • Support will begin 9/7/21
  • Instructional Techs will assist with laptop problems and if needed will swap out a laptop at the Enrollment Center 

Students who are having laptop issues on campus:

Notify your teacher, they have the schedule to send you to the library during school hours.
Thank you